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I’m putting the usernames in a notebook to give to my family when I finally come out to them. They told me once when I was little that if I ever came out to be gay to not tell anyone because they thought I’d be judged so please reblog so I can show them that people in my generation are different than theirs.

I’m not coming out until I fill the notebook. So if you want to help?

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Getting a Swan. by the talented artist Qaizor


Getting a Swan. by the talented artist Qaizor

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I think somewhere it said that henry has magic from dimple being his grandfather, but how does he have the dark one’s magic in him, if rumple didn’t have magic until after bae was born? he couldn’t have passed it biologically, right?

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We’re only winning by a few votes. So, take a break from the glorious Big Bang  and vote.

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Anonymous said: your perception of the "better" plot is just an opinion. A&E have their vision how is it your responsibility or any other fans responsibility to tell them how to create their show. not everyone is going to share your opinions and that's what other people in this fandom are trying to tell you. your vision of what the show should be is not what the writers/producers and fans want.

hi anon,

actually, when i speak of a “better plot,” it’s not my opinion, it is years of experience and education regarding story telling, character development, understanding audience and screenplay writing. it is actually so obvious, that it is hard for me to believe that a&e (despite what we’ve been told) aren’t planning on making it canon and just haven’t told any of their writers yet. also i’m not telling them how to create their show, they already did that :) he did say they were figuring some things out together, so i don’t think it is crazy to have a few suggestions or draw some conclusions that may or may not be in the forefront of the writer’s minds.

now on to plot.for a good one, we have to look at a few things: the story-verse, the character and what the audience already brings to viewing. if swan queen happens, then it wraps up everything nicely, the way fairytales tend to do.

  • it solves the inciting incident (the catalysis for the story) - snow unknowingly took regina’s happy ending, then she unknowingly creates regina’s happy ending
  • it gives the audience exactly what you’ve told them you are going to give them, but in a new and interesting way that might not be obvious at first glance - regina casts the dark curse in order to bring herself a happy ending, what brings emma to storybrooke and regina? the curse, right
  • the characters are equals - regina and emma both have magic. at this point, both emma and regina have memories of raising henry, and he has memories of both of them. their values are the same; true love’s kiss. also it doesn’t raise other questions about the future like “where will henry live?” “how will each mother deal with the significant other of the other?”
  • the characters are in a unique position to understand each other - both had shitty upbringings and a warped sense of home until henry, emma also has to deal with other’s expectations of her, even if it’s not what she wants, regina had to deal with the same thing growing up, both had roles that other’s may revere, but they find/found difficult savior and queen
  • both have made a sacrifice for each other - emma saved regina and was sucked into ftl, regina saves emma and sacrifices her own happiness 
  • the characters have help each other by sharing their own strengths with the other - regina teaching emma magic, emma teaching regina about investigating
  • the characters trust each other - emma asked regina to trust her in season 3B and regina asks emma to trust her at the end of season 1 in the library
  • definitive statements have been made about true love, these are what we call universal laws in a story’s universe, things we’ve all agreed on as fact 1. true love is magic - our girls are magic 2. true love is the most powerful magic of all - unstoppable trigger anyone? 3. true love can transcend realms - regina and emma opened a portal
  • both characters have symbols that we identify with them that are individual to the story-verse, but also have a relationship to each other that the audience understands without having to be told expressly - mayor/sheriff, queen/knight, villain/savior & come on, apples and cinnamon? really.
  • also a&e said this story has always been “emma swan meets mayor mills” - so in beginning with an ending in mind what conclusion would you draw?

i could go on, but i won’t. so, you see when i talk about a “better plot,” it’s not my opinion it falls in line with years of storytelling and i mean centuries quite frankly. the characters, settings and dialogue may vary from story to story, but the rules outlining plot kinda of apply to all of them. you should check out STORY by Robert McKee, if you don’t believe me and before you say anything, yes he is THE EXPERT (international) on writing story and in the writing industry. The film Adaptation, that won a shit ton of awards, is about his class. he has about 188 emmy’s, 50- some odd Oscars and a plenty of other writing awards among his students. Peter Jackson (yes the one that penned The Lord of the Rings screenplay), the people of PIXAR (they weren’t doing so well until they studied with him and we all know how that turned out) tons of Law & Order writers (can’t deny that they are awesome at plot twist and turns that all make sense once revealed)… it’s just a really impressive list and not just because I’m on it, (lol - I haven’t won any awards yet, but I was his student).

i hope this helps. i don’t ship swan queen because i’m gay, i just think that this would be a good story despite the fact that these are two women and i would rather see a well written and thought out story over just two people who are like me going at it any day.

thanks for the message :)  


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I literally just went from aw to wtf.


there was this big uproar over a character from paranormal being gay, so what do they do? next movie, they make a commercial that THROWS THE GAY IN YOUR FACE. They’re literally not being subtle at all about their queer representation and I fucking love them for it

Throw the gay in your face is perhaps the best thing I’ve heard all week.


*sobs and clasps* Thank you. I’m waiting for this movie so much.

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alright, I have a ton of shit to get done in real life, but obviously my clients are not as important as fictional lesbians, lol. one clear statement is important, but i need help compiling data. i know this isn’t going to be about ouat specifically, but we should use ouat as an example of the larger issue or else it is easy to identify the problem and have no accountability for addressing it. also, if we can’t have representation on a fantasy show, wtf?

i’m opening my inbox for 24 hours then will draft something to share for editing etc….

  • stats for: lgbt+ on tv, poc on tv, swan queen wins and online searches (i think i saw a graph somewhere), lgbt+ families w/kids and anything else you can think of
  • quotes from a&e about poc and lgbt representation on ouat (i know they’ve made some)
  • plot points and reasons why sq ties up the story
  • ratings for other shows with lgbt+ representation 
  • actually just send everything you can think of! 

please include references

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okay y’all. i am not taking a position on boycott one way or another, but there does seem to be a fundamental misunderstanding among many of the people opposed to it (both inside and outside of the SQ fandom).

a boycott is not petulant, childish, foot-stomping “taking our toys and going home.” a…

Yes, but where does it outline our issues? where do we say in a clear and concise way “these are the fucked up policies, these are the things we want and until we get them we will not participate or support you?” the fundamental issue with this particular boycott is that there isn’t a list of “demands” or “grievances” (though i hate to even use those words), which makes it appear petulant. i do not misunderstand what this or any other boycott is (if you knew about my real life you would realize how absurd this comment is), nor do i lack the ability to comprehend the problem. i am simply stating that there is alternative actions that we can take that allows us to express ourselves in more than 140 characters and in a way that isn’t perceived as petulant or childlike.

also, comparing this to the bus boycott is ridiculous for a number of reasons - the boycott took longer to organize & catch on than most people realize, blacks made up the majority of bus riders (so this actually affected commerce) and it was about actual rights (leading to advocates that were not members of the “wronged” group - which is the defining moment in any movement) outlined in the constitution.

i am a realist and just feel that if we are all going to get together, we can in a way that is meaningful and productive. what is a movement without a declaration? sure the people who visit this tag will understand why there is silence, but how do we explain it to the people who need to know? we have created a vacuum here, but our goal is not to move each other. it is to move those who have the ability to make the changes we seek. shouldn’t we let them know why?  

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but shouldn’t we be focusing on giving writers/producers reasons why swan queen should be their focus. i mean it is a better plot, is actually modern and gives once the chance to be on the cutting edge. it would bring publicity and viewers not to mention include a particularly overlooked sect of the population. we don’t know why this isn’t being pursued (if in fact it is NOT A&E’s secret plan). we should have answers for all objections to the ship becoming canon (i.e. plot, society, inclusion, disney etc.) these people are not evil homophobic assholes. they are in hollywood for goodness sake. maybe there are actual reasons that are outside of their control, but we will not make champions (because that is what we need in the writing room) by being petulant. we should be looking for a solution instead of packing up our toys and leaving the playground. progress isn’t easy and often times it is messy and heartbreaking, but we can make a difference. we have proven that as a fandom time and again. 

we should plan and we should take action. we should join forces and let our voices be heard, but this should be focused and strategic. and above all productive.

i just don’t think boycotting is the solution and definitely not if the goal is swan queen. if all swan queen shippers stop watching, what is the incentive to write sq into the show? you don’t have to cater to people who aren’t your audience.

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They will get the sweaters after all. ;)

Ok, so we need to fav and retweet the hell out of this :)